Richard Spencer is a Communist from the Future, and that’s Okay


America is already Singapore. This is not a white country. Half of the babies born in America in 2016 were neither pink nor classic cum flavor — but in fact tan and even brown! Can you believe that? I mean really, I’m nodding on opiates right now, but this is actually happening, I think. The data is there. This is not a dream.

You might think, like, I dunno, perhaps white people were kinda still sorta running this thing, or something? Well you’re wrong-ish. You can break down and cry, now knowing why, but now I can’t lie: We’re standing on the edge of goodbye.

With all the racist talk and stuff, it’s easy to get confused. Especially if you’re on hydrocodone for fun, but the fact is that in 70 years this country going to have an elderly population that is 50/50 white and tan — and the younger ones will be like… I don’t even know what… Rainbow? What color is an Irish-Chinese-Haitian girl with really toned thighs? Maybe I’ll ask my pretend wife

This is really keeping the nod off. My eyebrows are halfway up my forehead just thinking about it.

Racism is Bad

According to an anonymous source, none of 2016’s shaded babies will be deported or murdered by the MAGA-hat gestapo. This might surprise you, but it’s true.

If you get your news from The New York Times, or a less biased source like 4chan, you might think there is a race war coming any minute now – but there isn’t. This is just normal now.

White America is over. It will just be a weird thing kids see when Mom puts on Mad Men to look at Don Draper. That guy was hot. Really hot. Honestly you look at him and you just know he’s got a thick dick, and he doesn’t even have to think about how he uses it, you just let him HAVE you. That’s all you need from a guy like that.

Mad Men will not be forgotten. Nobody is gonna tear down that statue. No way. Don mother-fucking Draper. Wow.

Now, remember when your Dad made you watch M.A.S.H.? Probably not because you’re some idiot teenager. But if you’re me, maybe you remember… MASH was about a hospital tent in Korea and it sucked. Apparently we went to war there. We went to war with Korea. One of the Korea-s. Maybe it was one country back then. The Kim Jong’s grandpa was probably running the place and Russians gave him uranium. Or… I think we gave them uranium. Nobody cares.

And that’s exactly what the mixed babies of 2078 will think about all this “white people” stuff. They won’t care. Just a dream away, and we’re living in it. God, hydrocodone is great. When you get in this sort of mindset you can get stressed out in a way that makes opiates more enjoyable, very comfy.

So pull your head out of the sand grandma. This is the future, and… oh… have you heard about democracy? It’s finished. Sorry to move so fast but this is big news: Democracy is dead. DEAD DEAD DEAD! Technically!

Democracy is dead

At least in the classic Roman sense (or whatever). It’s all about race now, not ideas. The only people who aren’t voting along ethnic lines today are the soyboys (going extinct) and Uncle Toms (who will “get wise” soon). NRx guys also don’t vote. They are like white Uncle Toms. Rare breed.

Anyways, the writing is on the wall for ideas and thinking. It’s just not about that anymore. We can stop reading op-eds and vote for whoever is the same color as you. Audacious Epigone covers the topic succinctly here


Texas is already Mexico. It is not an American state. Ted Cruz barely won last week, and he’s a Mexican.

Two thirds of the babies born in Texas in 2016 were Hispanic or something. Who knows what they are. Doesn’t matter really. I just know they dern tootin’ wain’t white. And all  those shade-babies will grow up to vote democrat. I REPEAT: TWO THIRDS OF FUTURE TEXANS WILL NOT BE WHITE, AND THEY WILL VOTE DEMOCRAT.

That’s all coming in less than 18 years. Those kids will be able to vote. It’s coming fast. I reckon Texas will be a democratic stronghold by 2028, and the Republican party as-we-know-it will cease to exist on that date. It really will have the change completely to survive.

Texas might actually secede after all, but not how we expected it to. It could join Mexico if they get their shit together — though a more strategic position would be Texas as a Hispanic petro-state like Yemen. Maybe it could make Mexico its bitch like we do with Canada

Richard Spencer

How do I know all this factual stuff? Richard Spencer. He literally wrote all of this down and put it on the NPI website, the premiere source of racism on the planet.

But that’s the thing… it’s not very racist. After reading it “NPI’s Outlook 2018” — which accurately predicted Republicans would lose the House  — I got to thinking: what’s this Nazi guy all about, anyways? I know he likes Depeche Mode. That’s kinda funny. But I thought he was a mega-racist like Hitler or something?

Apparently, I was wrong, which is embarrassing because I pretend to be very racist online. Always check your source material!

Evidence that Richard Spencer is a Communist from the Future:

I. Richard Spencer is currently dating a liberal anti-racist, and getting a divorce from his wife who is Russian Duginist (not racist either). So, for starters, he has a history with women who aren’t tattoo’d methed-up skinhead girls.

II. Spencer on record saying he’s open to socialist ideas. When I heard this, I assumed it was a recruiting tactic and tuned out. But I was wrong. He really might be a freaking owned lib, which is basically one step away from full-blown Marxist tankie space communism. (citation)

This was is a very interesting divide-and-conquer tactic I had not considered, and totally fell for: pro-capitalist right-wing stuff does not really jive with ethnocentrism (we knew that). But when Spencer and Identity Evropa guys came out as being “okay” with some Marxist ideas, a lot of people on /pol/ started calling them Feds and… well… you know… Jews, of course.

But I think the Nazi-Marxist guys were being earnest. The Alt-Right is an unfortunate name! Spencer and IE are not right-wing, they are focused on a single-issue: white people.

If I’m reading between the lines correctly, and I am, that means the Republican party will have to embrace healthcare reform, European-style maternity leave, and a host of other “communist” things to remain relevant. To survive, they must become the “Socialism for White People” party if they want to survive in post-Trump America.

Which is another reason why voting is no longer about ideas, just race.

III. Nowhere can I find a quote from Richard Spencer about wanting to kill other races, or even deport them. He just wants to get away.

Literally, go try to find one. There isn’t one: Richard Spencer at Wikiquote. He’s a defeatist compared to any Nazi, Groyper, Alt-Righter, Gab poster, or even pro-white NRx blogger that I can think of. His one long-shot dream is having a State for white people somewhere in North America. That’s it. He’s asking that the barren planes of Wyoming be made into a reservation for white people, or something. Casinos?

Now I think I understand his predicament: How do you spread the call to kids in 2016? You show them the presents under the Christmas tree! But then they start joking about “right-wing death squards” and “helicopter rides” for communists. Okay.. okay.. Well, it’s not perfect… but they’re getting some of the picture. It’s spreading at least…

But at some point you have to tell them that Santa Claus isn’t real. This report is just that. It will probably take another 2 or 6 years for the white kids to get it, when the Republicans are handed a massive defeat, and a series of tanned female Democrat POTUS’s line up to rule the country indefinitely. Then the kiddies will see what Spencer has seen from the get-go: old dead White America will only survive in a small area, if that.

It’s funny that for six or seven years of casually observing Spencer, I never read between the lines. It’s already over!

Compare that shit above to the media impression of him. Ridiculous. Most of his supporters don’t seem to get it either. He had to tactically aligned with racist internet trolls. And they still dominate the conversation, but that will end soon. Expect incredible waves of gloating for the rest of your life. The white right is fucked. Richard Spencer the mega-racist genocidal Nazi maniac who is coming for our children… was making a hail Mary for a fall-back position this entire time.

It’s almost like Richard Spencer saw exactly how things will be in 40 years. Like he came back in time and is telling us all: “hey, white guys, you’re already a minority, it’s over. Get used to it.” But all anyone heard was “WOOHOO, RACE WAR!”

Fact is, Richard Spencer is not a backwards KKK hillbilly, or a genocidal Nazi maniac from /pol/. He is actually a completely normal-ass white guy from 2048. Richard Spencer is a god-damn Democratic Socialist from 2048. He’s barely even racist. Richard Spencer is a moderate, sane, normal, sweet, kind, gentle, thoughtful, intelligent, forward-thinking, handsome man from 2048. Nearly as handsome as Don Draper, even.

He as left-wing as Barack Obama. He’s as racist as Barack Obama. Richard Spencer is basically a white Barack Obama from 2048.

White is simply another ethnic voting block now and forever. Is a black lives matter protester a racist? Yeah, a little bit. Is Seymour Goldman NYC a racist? Yeah, a little bit. Is Jose “La Raza” Hernandez a racist? Yeah, a little bit. But are they right-wing? No, and therefore, they are communists.

Are these people evil for caring about their in-group – no. Just normal. That is as normal as having feelings for Don Draper. Why sit back and vote for people who don’t like you? Why vote to cut funding for programs that benefit your family? It’s simple.

By 2048, every white person will understand this. By 2078 white people will be 1/3 or 1/4 of the country. They still won’t want to genocide. They will simply be another group. The lines will continue to blur. New allegiances will be formed. Very weird technological and environmental changes will occur.

I bet Richard Spencer will be seen as a sort of Louis Farrakhan figure, I bet. Old school ethno-nationalist getting people fired up via hologram, rocking some mirror-shades.

In the end, it is the end. Hyper-racism is coming next. This is literally it. Spencer’s Alt Right didn’t lose, it just hasn’t hit puberty yet. It needs a bat-mitzvah name… it’s time to drop the -Right.

What’s missing here?
Leaving just in time
Social climbers at the frontier
But I refuse that climb
We’re leaving just in time
We’re leaving just in time
Leaving just in time

Domestic scene
Did I belong?
Seemed like a good idea
At one time
But now it’s all wrong
Already declined
We’re leaving just in time
We’re leaving just in time
Leaving just in time

Leaving just in time
Leaving just in time
Leaving just in time
Leaving just in time



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