Hey, Nice/ACC. Why don’t you come back to my place?

If accelerationism is true then it is also apolitical. It is a conceptual framework for understanding the nature of reality, not an ideology. Assuming the fundamentals are correct, ACC is no more political than chemistry, physics, etc.

If accelerationism is false, then it could be political. Lies are used to shape political discourse every day. Duh. Perhaps accelerationism is one?

If accelerationsim is being used politically, then it is performing a strange function. The ACC sucks in certain types, from the left and right, then releases them in despondent and bewildered states. Nihilizing the fringes. My first encounter with it lead me to believe it was being used as a leftist colonization of NRx space.

But Acceleration came before NRx, and the conspiracy doesn’t really follow. While ACC-exposure tends to neutralize white nationalism on contact, it also retards the dreams of left activists. All are sent shuffling along to Twitter or quiet insanity in the study.

The connections and distinction between NRx and ACC were extrapolated on Xenosystems in 2013:

Neoreaction is Accelerationism with a flat tire. Described less figuratively, it is the recognition that the acceleration trend is historically compensated. Beside the speed machine, or industrial capitalism, there is an ever more perfectly weighted decelerator, which gradually drains techno-economic momentum into its own expansion, as it returns dynamic process to meta-stasis. Comically, the fabrication of this braking mechanism is proclaimed as progress. It is the Great Work of the Left. Neoreaction arises through naming it (without excessive affection) as the Cathedral.

Is the trap to be exploded (as advocated Accelerationism), or has the explosion been trapped (as diagnosed by Neoreaction)? — That is the cybernetic puzzle-house under investigation.

In that context, acceleration is not leftist subversion at all. It is, in fact, a bit antagonistic towards the prog wing. That is one interpretation – itself open for debate. Stripped bare, though, Accelerationism is a discussion of the cybernetic properties of capital. Ice-cold, apolitical capital – beyond Left/Right the anthropomorphizations.

Now, assuming that ACC is true – merely cybernetic research – then it is wrong to tack an L- or R- in front of it.

Could we have a Right-thermodynamics Twitter crew? or a Left-biochemistry DM group? You could, but it wouldn’t change the underlying nature of the discipline. Same goes for accelerationism. When you read L/ACC or R/ACC, you should stop thinking “Left-Acceleration, Right-Acceleration” and instead think “leftists who accept the concept of acceleration” or “rightists who accept the concept of acceleration.” With this hack, you can breath new life into exhausting Twitter flame threads.

The U/ACC had and has potential to resolve this politicization issue. They picked a pretty good name too: Unconditional Acceleration … although maybe it’s not perfect. The word “un-conditional” does seem to imply that there could be conditions upon which one could act that would result in manual acceleration. Like, you know: “Any condition will do! Bring ’em all on! Woo!”

I don’t think that was the intention, but I could feel it in my hind brain: “How are we gonna do this? Let’s infect the planet with our kind of acceleration…. Just right after we get to the bottom of… lets see… IQ, gender, and immigration.”

Unfortunately, this crevice of actionability is big enough to force a wedge into, whereupon the debating ends forwith, and we divide. You can do it again and again. Keep throwing ape shit into the inhumanist buffet, I’m sure it will taste great.

There was something beautiful I saw in those early U/ACC discussions … when the disagreeing parties came together to talk about the work of Nick Land and CCRU with relative civility. There were only couple dozen involved, and it was something special. I was there by accident, lead by loneliness and a puppydog-like earnesty to understand what these people were talking about. Strange and awesome time I will remember forever.

But what do we have now?

John from Synanon (@ParadiseDelayed) has a solution for talking about Mencius Moldbug minus inherent political tension:

What is NiceRx?

“Semi-humorous rebrand of NRx that is interested in Moldbug but maybe not everything else that became associated with the label so is open to ideological development.
Most online political brands won’t make much difference in the grand scheme of things but there’s still value in making a positive environment for people you interact with, though I don’t want that to be”


Let’s drop the fighting and becoming Nice/ACC. Keep the U/ACC name, sure – that’s extra nice – but remind ourselves to be Nice Accelerationists again.

We don’t have to be sad, misery-dispensaries updating our threatening Twitter AVIs anymore. We can be the court jesters of the Cathedral and the Vampire Castle. We can discuss the inhuman with a positive, uplifting, humanist attitude!

ACC Twitter has direct access to is a honest-to-god philosopher, several prestigious professors, and a bunch of anonymous important people. You realize that Thiel probably knows about U/ACC? I bet he’s at least seen the hashtag. Justine Tunney, Steve Bannon, Moldbug? Yes, maybe, yes.

U/ACC, R/ACC … until recently you were just four telephone calls away from Donald-fucking-Trump (Land > Moldbug > Bannon > Trump). Hell, maybe you could still get a few Meltdown-isms shuffled across the desk of the POTUS via Thiel-influence. Are you going to squander that clout?

I’ve spent four months in skull-pounding dopamine hell. My family members are dying all around me. I’m not interested anymore. I’m ready to “let go” – which is the official motto of U/ACC, I believe. Just let it all go and sit on the methaphysical couch. They just legalized weed here btw. Has it been forgotten? Anti-praxis, you motherfrienders.

Revolution starts in tech – not on the streets, or on your blog. Capital is going to dictate what projects get funded. We are without power. It’s over. What is left is to make art and study for fun.

What we have now is a passing moment. It’s an opening where much is freely available, and much is being left untouched. Resources won’t always be there. Acceleration could be everything, and the chance to go deeper is staring us in the face.





5 thoughts on “Hey, Nice/ACC. Why don’t you come back to my place?

  1. >Is the trap to be exploded (as advocated Accelerationism), or has the explosion been trapped (as diagnosed by Neoreaction)?
    I never liked that turn of phrase. Has he never heard of combustion engines or something? (hell, the steam engine is practically the emblem of the industrial revolution ffs)

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  2. Pingback: NONORIENTED ACCELERATIONISM – xenobuddhism

  3. Good stuff. There is an interesting generation gap here though. Norbert Wiener wrote cybernetics in 1954 I believe. And Accelerando came out around the time of Dow 30,000. Kurzweil was a 90’s futurist. And there have been competing strands of darkness for just as long (mcluhan, Rachel Carson, Don DeLillo end zone)— although the fall of the Berlin wall silenced what had been a fairly constant din of meditations on post apocalyptic horror. (First red playground scene of the terminatorjust one of a zillion)

    The generational gap on my side is not realising what the world looks like with machine learning, school shootings, and Syria being the first things you see out of high school.

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