You Are What You Eat: Industrial Waste (Self Help For Diseased Übermensch)


a body without steatosic organs

I forgot how bad it feels to be a normal person. Soda, chocolate, a pastry. I wake up feeling more angry, more tired, and more hungry each day. I broke a plate because I threw a spoon. A shit diet creates Rube Goldberg chaos-spirals in your life.

You are probably feeling like this every day

At first it’s hard to climb out, and easy to fall in. Because you’ve fucked up socially, financially, and psychologically. Why not have a soda to feel good for 30 minutes a day?

Once your life doesn’t suck, it’s easy to avoid the trap. You wake up feeling bad for the first time in weeks, and know exactly what it was: the cookie, the cake, the soda.

This is a problem in your life.* You might deny it. You probably have no idea what it feels like to be happy (except memories from childhood, when you ate better). You probably think you know what a healthy diet is (you don’t, that’s why you suck).

*[Unless you are one of the frogtwitter gym guys who follows me, reading Guyanet, Kresser, Peat, and the Jamients.]

My NEET and sickly-ACC ppl need to know this stuff. You don’t have a job or gf because you eat garbage shit and it’s killing you.

“Doesn’t affect me.” Yes it does.

For all my perma-depressed freaks, there is hope. Trust me on this one: you are seriously fucked up, and your perceptions of the world around you are completely wrong. It’s not that bad. You aren’t even as ugly as you look in the mirror (still ugly, though).

Your personalty probably does suck, too. You’re right about that. But it’s because you’re a moody cuck. You can fix that.

Start here


This book is borderline pseudoscience. But what you’ll get is instant results. Proving my point. Then you move up a level.

You’ll wake up feeling like a normal person. Possibly for the first time in your life. I did, so did my friends who tried it. I quit shitty food, alcoholism, weed, and cigarettes in a week with it. {nicotine has proven to be the only challenge for me, avoid}

Once it is proven to you – that diet can change your life – there are two paths to take.

The first is crunchy. I don’t recommend it, but it is easier to understand and maintain if you are poor / dumb / like cooking (you’ll have to learn, regardless)


Join your community garden and be a crunchy cybernazi. It’s okay. Hope you like picking bugs out of lettuce, though.

The second path is more scientific:




this is post-paleo. better than the idiot shit carrying the same name I assure you

Eating liver is important. Offal is good. Vegetables make you happy one hour later.

Some of you will doubt me. My challenge for you: keep a food/mood log for a week. Write down what you eat. Write down how you feel every hour. At the end of the week, go back and look at it.

You’ll see a very clear pattern of feeling-like-shit vs. what you ate. Go make a salad now.

This supplement list from the Perfect Health Diet will change your life (if you can afford it). It’s about $90 a month. The food will cost you more.

The science-y path can become an intellectual interest as well:


There is also the netherzone, for those who want strange ideas and extremism in their nutrition hobby:


Self-experimenting is fun. I’ve tried Ketogenic, even. It works. Your thoughts really do become clear-er. But drinking half-and-half milk and eating piles of vegetables and meat gets really old.


Get one of these gay books and read it. You’ll get a gf. You’ll stop bickering with your family and friends. You’ll wake up with the ability to move. You’ll have the energy to work out and get a better job.

Once you get your life together, this whole diet-trap thing will transform into an annoyance – a fly to swat away.

The system wants you sick, tired, dying. There are too many of you. Feeding you well is a major inefficiency. You are not needed and nobody is looking out for you. They just want to steal small amounts of your money while killing you. You’re a fool to go along with it.

It is much easier to sit you down in front of Netflix, or a videogame. SSRIs, benzos, and medical marijuana for the more resistant livestock. The result is you dying a miserable fuck-up.

There’s more depth. Cancer avoidance is big. Life extension is probably possible. It will cost your more time and/or money. But this post is long enough as it is.



If you have any questions hit the DM



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