Trads for Feminism. Trad Feminism. TRADBRO FEMINAZISM

disclaimer: can barely remember typing this one


You fucking piece of shit. You like porn? WOW. So does half of the human race. “human” being a kind word for the crawling lusting filth that is YOU. FUCK

An army of men are jerking off to the worst pain we could possibly come up with. Ruined women fuck on film for you. GREAT. You aren’t into that, are you ? Wow. What happened?

Porn is rape. An unruly % female performers were molested as children. Is that hot? Does that work for you? Okay. Have you seen a therapist about that? No, of course you haven’t. Men are rapists, naturally. It’s true. It’s a mating strategy. It worked for eons. Now? Now? Not so much

Imagine being a woman. Autogyno-filia. That thing that is mysteriously turning tons of our smartest, most sensitive men towards MtF. Picture it, but not the porn version. Picture this: You are 13 years old and a 46 year old fuck is looking at your ass at the grocery store. Can you picture that? “Can you feel it? It’s a baby”

Get this, “Trad” men. You aren’t trad. you’re a liar. You’ve been lying to yourself. GET WOKE. IMHO

You are a girl. You are 13. An old man is checking you out. That’s your childhood dying. Remember being a boy? Remember playing soccer and reading “Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels” and listening to some OpIvy? That peace you had? Little girls don’t get that. They’re either being looked at or wondering why they aren’t

Imagine being a woman, and there’s an army of men, 3.5 billion of them, that wants to fuck you. Do you see? It’s hard not to develop some kinda Stockholm syndrome. You’re lucky if you made it to 13, btw. They’re all out there. Some are after something younger than 13. You better watch you back, kid

Feminists are reacting to this. You write it all off, yah? you think you’re hot shit, dontcha? dsafsdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

You are PODESTA. You are a gorrilla mindset fuck. You wanna fuck a loli? You really want to do that?  I literally need to kill you. It’s time we had a serious discussion about me cutting your dick off mid-torture kill

Girls get molested…. Go look at some porn. Something edgy. Seee that? Ruined people. They’re not human to the pseduo- “trad” — they are objects. The feminazis are correct: You have objectified the feminininine ‘creature’ — she isn’t a person. She is “whore” “slut” “etc”

Are you actually trad? Do you love BAP? ? Maybe it’s time to take a step back and examine the situtation here. You are white, or mestizo, or (rarely) asian if you are reading this. Your’e straight. You’re a dude or the scant few MtF transition ladies who follow me. You at least GET the cismale experience, yeah? Okay. Follow with me then

You consider 3rd world men brutes, to some degree. Maybe you deny it, but you know the rape stats. You know the numbers. You wanna defend huwhite women. 14/88. Secure their existenz. Okay How Do We Do Dat? THEY WANT OUT WOMEN (WHICH arE MINE!!! BTW)

Maybe the muslims are right. It’s a primitive solution, sure, but they understand the power of the male gaze more than the average WEIRDO [western, educated, intelligertnt, retarded, dickhead, oblivioid). Maybe, maybe, maybe they are actually “trad” and you aren’t? Maybe they get that looking at a 12 year old’s ankle is kinda HARAM?

But then maybe they don’t. They own those Yazisididizy girls in ISIS. $1k a piece. Something got scrambled. That ancient wizdom is’nt doing it ne more. They’re raping kids in Rotterdam and the left wants you not to know that. hmm. So maybe, if you’re a girl, in any part of the world, you need to hide yourself. You need to buckle down and stay inside….. the men are out there, looking at you

TRAD …. REAL TRAD… is anti-porn, anti=-rape. You are addicted to the porn, I’m sure. Even the girls are. At least, theyve seen the footage. Proof is in the visual,…. They’re revealing these facts to you on instagram, on Tinder. Well, fuck.

Sex wasn’t supposed to be like this. You were supposed to grow up in a village of 150 people. The hottest guy got the hottest girl. You admired her beauty from afar. You got a wife. She was your level. You loved her. Luck you. Now…. now you can see that 1 in a million girl doing things you wouldn’t wish on anyone (any dude, the only gender that is human).

WHY is she doing that on camera? She was raped, physically or mentally. Maybe grandpa was in the -3 SD for pedophilia. Maybe she saw porn at age 10 and then she caught “3rd wave” feminism on tumblr and thought it would ””’empower””” her. Another one bites the dust. Fucked on camera at age 19. Well, GOSH. probably her fault tho, amirite guys? fucking SLUT

You are mad you aren’t getting laid. Okay. So is everyone who wasn’t getting laid. Maybe, maybe, maybe women know about you? Maybe since the age of 13 they’ve been NOTICING what is going on… and developed some defenses? They can smell it on you from a mile away? You think porn is good. You think you deserve porn… but in the IRL. That’s a #relationshipgoal for you. Well, You don’t. You deserve your level. You deserve… maybe if you’re lucky… 1 woman, ever.

Here’s the rub: stop rubbing it. You are an animal. A beast. The twisted fact is that is seamsssss women, cis-women, generally wanna be fucked by a beast like you. It’s weird, but it’s how it is. That’s where Trad goes off the rails, you see. Yes, women want you to be a rapey animal in bed. But a rapey animal ON THEIR LEVEL. They don’t want you to be 20 years older, out of shape, or whatever. They don’t want a 3/10 humping their 8/10 body. Okay? Stockholm syndrome just might be a lil bit genetically-ingrained at this point, but enough is clear here: No, 9/10 porn “whore” (rape victim &/or capitalist causality) is not on the menu for you. The computer is c onfusing your idiot brain

YEAH… Rapey is what sex is. It’s been like, what, a billion years of jungle rape and monkey war ? Let’s put that out on the table. We’re semi-civilized, soon to be semi-human. Can we admit what sex is? since we { men } mastered the art of “expose enemy brain material w/ rock” sex has been kinda rapey. You know it

So you’re pogrammed to rape. Okay. But you’ve got that brain at the top of your body. Use it now: Traditionalist culture should be anti-rape. Murder should be the punishment… nasty murder. Child rape, even more so. Something should, could, would be done about it in Tradtopia. But nobody seems to give a shit, I GUESS. Islam gots their “I can’t figure out nothin;” bag-on-head solution, but there must be something better

Maybe the women and men should be kept apart. Like, REALLY apart. Keep the rapey humans away from the rapee humans. Give them some space before they realize how twizted the world really is. What age? 22? We’re infantilized tho. You can see it in the porn. An 18 year old is barely conscious. Child-rape at age 23, on camera. Legal. Fuck. This is the dilemma here… Should pron be illegal? Was Imam Ishmali right all along? were’ right on the cusp now…………. this is gonna hurt…..

Feminists don’t get it. Sex-positive is rape-positive. No, doing a porn won’t liberate you. It’s rape on camera. I’m sorry for whatever happened, but this is not the way to “own it”… The Trads are no better… “barefoot, KITCHEN, NOW” —— the only Trads who get it right are the theological women-respecters…. but they are short circuted by society at large. Every woman knows about this. The men don’t. If you’re a doofy christ-cuck, she knows. You are some kind of idiot to her. She likes it, though. You are safe. But there are more dangerous guys out there, ones that know God ain’t real. Ones that wanna take her. They’re more “aware” then you, and subsequently more attractive. Who wants to give their seed to a doofus? No sane woman

So what the fuck do we do? It’s hopeless. You got your porn. Enough to ruin your mind with. She’s already ruined by being around ppl like U. Maybe you two can get together and pretend you aren’t acting it out in the bedroom, and pretend she doesn’t notice. Love was mortally wounded when the video camera was first pointed at a hard dick. The cancer is spreading

The only peopel free from this curse live on islands, somewhere out there in the big world. They’re probably wishing they were here right now, in this Pennsylvania garage. Kid, stay on the fucking island. Delete your facebook account. Here be dragons

Stay NRx trad, stay Feministic Trans Commie. Whatever. There’s no solution here that involves human life persisting. You can tell by feeling out the corners. It’s fucked. Animals are rapey. We, the ascended ones, feel this worse than the beetles, cats, and sea urchins that are raped every day. Yet it persists. We are more alive than they are, and it hurts. Beast horde uber alles

If you are alive, and reading this… consider the situation. There is no hope… no planetary solution for now.

But, maybe for you, maybe YOU can step up out of the seminal-fluid swamp and let all that cum drip off . Dry yourself in the rays of the few things the feminists got right. scrape-off whatever dried cum is left, and look over at the other tree with the shivering females… How did we get to this? And which one is gonna save me?

We can ascend past human nature… maybe. Reprogram the men, reprogram the women. But what is left then? Nobody wants to fuck. Panda-mode. Bag babies. Direct stimulation of the dopamine receptors via computer

I’m ready for it. For now, I am animal, you, me, he, she, zer are too. Animals, fucking. Biohorror Jap fiction has absolutely nothing on the daily horror that is the sexual marketplace. Plug in, turn on, cut out

Hope you’re doing okay S. I didn’t get it.  I didn’t understand what you were telling me. It was loud and clear, but I’m dumb. If I could go back now I would


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