If the Democrats had a meritocratic immigration policy I’d vote for them

noun, plural mer·i·toc·ra·cies.

  1. an elite group of people whose progress is based on ability and talent rather than on class privilege or wealth.

If the Democrats had a meritocratic immigration policy, they could have me. It is the only thing that matters. I would willingly pay higher taxes and have my paycheck artificially deflated for any special-interest group. If this were true I would gladly send my children to public school.

If the Democrats had a meritocratic immigration policy, I cave on most everything – because each new immigrant would be better than the average American. Each new immigrant would lower the rate of rape, murder, child abuse, and violent crime. Each new immigrant would increase the tax base, collect less welfare, and lower the burden on me. I could relax.

In this world, we give up our status for security. Would you be okay with it?

The average American citizen could improve every year, if the system was sufficiently meritocratic. You however, would see a decline in status. You are average or less. Your ‘people’ become less impressive here, possibly even a drain.

Would you fear a country so advanced that you become the problem?

I want to become the problem. I want someone’s taxes to help pay for my housing, food, and employment. I’m not being ironic at all. Travel, status, and fancy things are overrated. I want to hang out. I want to have a relaxing life. I want to see my friends and family more. I want to get stoned on the couch and watch TV without feeling guilty. (I watched one movie last year, I think).

Maybe my great grandchildren would resent the newcomers. Maybe my great grandchildren would spend all of their time and money on status-objects, to feel adequate enough. Maybe the neo-upper class would indulge them. “Aren’t they so fun, the old ones? So relaxed and free?” — “Well, I don’t know, one of them was mowing his lawn at 9pm last night. Very rude people.”

Yes, the life of leisure. Communism for the poor (me).

But then, a crisis! The old ones in Europe cannot compete, and are swallowed by the global technokapital machine. Their children go without VR and neurotabs!

The Neo-American upper class begin importing them out of compassion. Europeans swamp the welfare state. My monthly credit stipend shrinks. I can’t afford my euphoriants.

Political divisions explode. Social trust erodes. Everyone votes in their best interests. The society collapses. Nobody wins.


Post-Right Capitalism | Marxist Singularity, Oscillationism, and the Fermi Paradox

Consider post-left anarchism – a school of anarchist thought that rejects various parts of the Left ideology with the intention of bringing about anarchism in a better, faster, or truer way. [wiki]

It is a controversial stance for an anarchist to take – often seen as betrayal.

Now consider the opposite: post-right capitalism. A pro-capitalist stance that drops the baggage of Right-wing politics (American libertarianism included) to achieve the maximum long-term profits. It doesn’t exist yet, but we’re in the delivery room.

post right.png

Time Preference

Time-preference indicates the degree to which an individual will delay gratification when expectations of a greater or equal reward lay in the future.

[EvolutionistX on Time Preference]

The Right is lower time preference than the Left. They are more likely to delay gratification to prepare for unforeseen risks to themselves, their offspring, their nation, and their ethnic group.

The Left is higher time preference. They are more likely to indulge in immediate gratification while risking future security. Social safety nets are to be ever-increased, until everyone can experience self-actualization through communism.

This is a key factor in anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism, and anti-communism sentiment on the Right. When one individual – or swaths of them – expect to be protected by a more cautious group, conflict will arise. That’s why the Right has guns.

In my POV – given the current available range of available human time preferences – the Right is getting things correct, most of the time. But if time preference can be extended beyond mere centuries, we will see capitalism like we’ve never seen before

In all of your deliberations in the Confederate Council, in your efforts at law making, in all your official acts, self-interest shall be cast into oblivion

Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the past and present but also the coming generations, even those whose faces are yet beneath the surface of the ground – the unborn of the future Nation.  

– The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations [source]


Time Preference Realism

“Stop building houses, you’re lowering my property value.” // “Not now, son. Dad is working.” // “Three kids? How will I afford my motorcycles?”

The truth is that there are vast improvements to be made in Time Preference on both the Left and the Right. The difference between Left and Right is minuscule compared to what is possible. Why settle for second-worst?

Demand Full Life-Extension

Imagine a world where every individual is immortal. Time preference now extends to the end of the universe. Immortality is guaranteed – so long as we are not met with violent death.

The first priority will be removing any immediate threats. Sharp corners, fast cars, large animals – all wrapped in padded foam. Next, existential threats: comets, ecological collapse, resource depletion. You name it – it’s your problem now.

How much cooperation begins to occur? Well, at first, there will be an issue: the computer says 7 billion is well-above the optimal population level… ~6,900,000,000 must die for optimization to occur.

And they do!

After the bloodbath, the immortals make a pact not to breed and begin working on their grand project: escaping a fatal situation (being trapped on Earth) by any means necessary.

They sun is expanding, sure, but a comet is definitely coming before that. We will be prepared? Every single luxury must be scrapped to ensure we can leave ASAP – our immortal lives depend on it.

Here the cosmonaut program arrives from the past… to own capitalism: All members of the human race are now working toward a singular transcendent goal. Communism has arrived!

Marxism = Optimized Capitalism

If the human race survives Earth, how much profit is there to be made? Infinite. Literally infinite. The entire expanse of the universe (infinite) — potentially available for exploitation. This is in the best interest of capital.

How much is there to extract on Earth compared to the universe itself? The math does itself for you. The opportunity cost of burning-out our resources here on Earth is literally astronomical.

So this is it. A hypothetical scenario where a state of Marxism is perfectly suited… Nay, required, for the market to reach its full potential.

The Marxists need only to actualize it: Radical life-extension is the bomb. A bomb built in the heart of the capitalist system to bring about communism. It is one idea of many. The accelerationists don’t want you to know. Try to get a straight answer out of them on this. They won’t do it.

ACC/DEC Returns

Consider the Storm King interview, where neo-primitive ideas are smuggled into the ports of accelerationism – then reassembled to create decelerationism. And it was good! By working within a diametrically opposed ideological structure, an incendiary version of the primitivism was built.

{This is my new mental model for ideological sabotage. Though, whether it is even needed is up for debate. As we see today, free-range capitalism seems dead-set on creating things that tempt, punish, and destroy low time preference right wing structures. The game is getting harder every day.}

Similar to DEC/ACC, communism incubates inside of capitalism. The radical extension of life does not require humans, but we could be a part of it. Any number of routes would work: CRISPR immortals, conscious robots, uploaded humans, or – the crowd favorite – a conscious marketplace.

If one of these things begins to emerge, time preference begins to extend forwards in time. At a certain point, mass death followed by total Marxist cooperation becomes a likely outcome.

It might not be pretty. The optimal number of robots might be 3 (+millions of dead humans). The optimal number of uploaded minds might be 1 (nightmarishly slaving each other in the code). The optimal number of conscious marketplaces might be 1 (more like an amorphous horror with no beginning or end).

Any way that it happens, with time preferences reaching to the end of time tiself, you’ve got something like Marxism. There is no stomping on others when each step lowers your odds for an immortal life.

The Coming Marxist Singularity

Consider this: 500,000,000 immortal humans was determined to be the optimal number. They play good Marxists and escape to the stars. Now what?

Now the fighting begins again. Free from one threat, the others become the primary enemy again. The pendulum swings sharply to the right.

Planets are colonized. Factions spread across the Milky Way. At some point, all are consumed by the winning faction. One united galaxy again.

We are now faced the next existential threat: trapped in a single galaxy. We return again to cooperation – cull and start the next grand project. A galaxy united Marxism returns to make it happen, and it does it.

The Milky Way is escaped, and the story repeats on the universal scale. Unimaginable horrors consume galaxies and wage war. Eventually, there is a winner. The infinite universe controlled by one united force. Trapped again. How does it exit reality?

In the end, when every atom in the universe has been utilized (perfect Capitalist resource-extraction), a Marxist singularity occurs. Time, space, whatever else – all under control. The creep of universal heat death comes. What does the singularity do? It must escape. Solve for entropy.


The above scenario [conceptually stolen from Manifoldness on Twitter] – is going tobe called oscillationism. Get used to it. It’s the cool new ideology.

The idea of oscillationism is that the optimal state of both capital and communism is one in the same: oscillation between the two poles.

uh lol2.png

This example is a sledgehammer, but the actual REAL LIFE implementation could be much more nuanced. Consider political oscillation on different levels of organization, at different wavelengths, amplitudes, etc. Apply it in different places, in different ways, to achieve maximum profits and maximum communism in turn.

“But it can’t be like that!”

Examples: Consider that a Right-wing ethno-state — big-picture capitalist, small-picture Marxist. Consider a profitable American university — small-picture Marxist, big-picture capitalist. Or flip those definitions, it really depends on what you mean by “big” and “small”

Consider the optimal implementations of cooperation and competition, hierarchy and egalitarianism – in various applications, at various levels – so as to serve capitalist or Marxist goals. Maximize profits and vegan potlucks as we approach the end of the universe.

If you take nothing else from this – consider the idea that left and right distinctions might dissolve into complete bullshit when over-applied. Or even just not applied at all. They are too simple to use at this scale.

You are left-wing? Okay, applying egalitarianism to every single facet of everything will fuck your movement. Look at the state of social justice.

You are right-wing? Okay, applying hierarchy to every single facet of everything will fuck your movement. Look at the state of…. nevermind.

There is no movement. Communism is free time. Capital is going to build it, then eat it for dinner.


So I started off by asking you to consider post-right capitalism, a pro-capitalist stance that drops the baggage of Right-wing politics. Have I done it?

Let me know by writing your response on a napkin and then flushing it down a toilet


Fermi Paradox

So, why don’t the aliens come?

Time preference. They are immortal, you are a dying cretin.

If an island of blood-thirsty green ghouls existed in the middle of the Pacific, would you want to contact them? Probably not. They’ve never seen a boat. They haven’t even conceived of it. Are you hoping to inspire them?

These ghouls… they live for five years maximum. That’s it! Their lives are nasty, brutish, and short. They’re just always killing each other. The ghouls simply cannot think beyond two years into the future, and they’ll probably wipe themselves out before they evolve any further.

Well, you’ll want to keep an eye on them anyways. Probe a few to find out how they work. But certainly do not allow them onto your shores until you have perfected your escape plan. To do otherwise – even in the immortal spirit of egalitarianism – would be risking death. Time preference matters, we now know. So complete the great works of Marxism/Capitalism by our lonesome – you cannot save the ghouls if they eat you first.

If it’s not clear, we’re the ghouls. We’re probably going to die on this rock

Two Cartel Snuff Films

“Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade”


We start on a beige tile floor smeared in blood. Three men are standing around talking loudly. One is wearing flip flops. The camera jerks upward to reveal a tightly tied body with gore where the face should be. The only remaining skin starts about an inch before a receding hairline. A curved blade is brought to the throat — and the head twitches.

His restrained arms move, and you will notice there are stumps where his hands should be. As the dull blade is sawed across his throat, he writhes his entire body to one side. He appears to be fully conscious despite having had his hands and face removed.

The hacking sounds start. A growl made by a person without lips. The men hoot in excitement and pause to consider the issue of the dull blade. The man without a face works his jaw open and shut. They kick his chest and chat casually. Now they are using a box cutter and it is not working. The man howls and attempts to move his neck away from the blade being run across his throat in quick repeated movements.

To keep his head in place, his killers force his mouth open with a long stake, and lodge it in the back of his throat. Now he cannot move his head to either side, and the man with the box cutter begins slashing again.

The cameraman zooms in closer and the white teeth edging the victim’s open maw are disgusting. I’m pausing a lot and focusing on writing. The screams sound like gurgles and hisses now. There’s some dance music playing through the din.

There’s a pause in conversation now as the man hacks away. The dull box cutter appears to be an issue of incompetence rather than planned torture. He has sliced at the screaming man’s throat at least hundred times now.

A new song comes on. It’s the swelling introduction of Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” The men give up on the box cutter and the victim works one arm free from the ropes that held it in place. As the music cuts out again, he waves his stump arm and gurgles, hitting at the stake in his throat. The men talk calmly.

Funkytown” by Lipps Inc comes on. The box cutter man stands on the victim’s forearm and casually swipes the blade across the armpit to stop him from swatting at the stake. The man groans and twitches and the video ends.

“Policeman Tortured and Beheaded, His Son Flayed Alive in Guerrero, Mexico”


Two men are tied at the wrists and sitting on an embankment. The younger one is gagged. A man in military garb speaks angrily to the older one, then begins beating him with a piece of wood. The younger man is forced to watch. If the title is correct, this is a father being beaten and his son is watching.

The man with the wood speaks angrily to the camera, only his body visible. He intermittently beats the man and speaks. For some reason the sound of a CB radio can be heard, with woman speaking calmly through it in the background.

Another man grabs the father from the ground and quickly slashes his throat. His son screams through the gag and throws his own body on the ground. The son is crying as the man works to decapitate his father, a task he completes in roughly 30 seconds. He holds the father’s head up to the camera and then throws it onto the body.

The video jumps to the son covered in blood and rolling on his father’s corpse. They are kicking him into it. He appears to have been beaten and cut all over. He becomes motionless and silent on top of his dead father, but is clearly awake. Then he is stabbed in the chest and kicked.

An AR-15 style rifle is now pointed at the son’s head and a man begins cutting the skin away from his chest where his heart is. The son is breathing and going catatonic in between periods of writhing. The skin from his entire chest is now removed and he is slapped in the face. You can see his lungs operating through his ribs.

The killers hoot. The son’s ribs are separated near the heart and the butcher reaches his hand in and removes the boy’s beating heart. The body twitches slightly after the heart is removed and the man holds the heart up, working it in his hands. He tosses it aside and drives his blade into the son’s chest plate, leaving it to stick out grotesquely.

A man lectures towards the camera again, face obscured. There are a few more hoots in the background. The cameraman pans around the bodies and the video ends.

These videos are what is missing from the immigration debate. There are thousands of them. Mexico does not have a gang problem. A cartel is not a gang.

Significant portions of Mexico’s politicians, military, and police forces are in league with the cartels [1]. Some Mexican citizens venerate and celebrate the violence with music [2].

If you buy street drugs, you funded this [3]


Mexico’s average income is $10,000/year. This is slightly above the world average. It is not a bad place to live by global standards, but the violence is uniquely absurd.

While a middling country economically, the poorest among them average incomes of only $2,000/year [4]. That is something worth fleeing.

The immigration debate is a Gordian knot. The answer could be a wall, a war on the Mexican government, or a drug enforcement policy that Hitler would wince at. The middle road is federal marijuana legalization, amnesty, a big chain-link fence, and darkweb markets.

If you buy street drugs, you are complicit. You have no place in this debate. Your fair-trade coffee and vegetarian diet do not absolve you.

Why I’m a Communist Now

There is a rising wave of political apathy hitting right now. I don’t think I’m the only one. Different factions on different paths are all converging again on “none of this shit matters” once more.

My pet theory is this: we are at the lowest hype-point between U.S. Presidential elections. Each cycle infects us with a barrage of memetic viruses designed to get us to vote. The incessant chatter that occurs before and after crossing the finish line is just a tertiary symptom of the infection.

Members of the true political fringe are generally immune to these ground-level infections, but have contracted a more malignant disease: the need to be a bleeding-edge meme-generator themselves. The feeling of importance that comes with influencing the apes in the lower canopy with your radical new combinations of howling, shit-flinging, and precision piss.

The part that disgusts me most about myself, as I come to the end of this infection, is the amount of identity investment I had wrapped up in it. And even more ridiculously: as a confirmed survivor of both left and right varieties. My mind is now riddled with memetic lesions, I think half of my brain is scar tissue

For the past five years I’ve been sneering at left-wing types who take a moralizing stance on every issue. I was like that during Occupy, and it was embarrassing. It was a Christ-complex of sorts, for me and most of them. Internally you see yourself as a warrior for kindness and virtue, while in the hind-brain you are angling for social status and sex

Two things have shaken me from my more recent journey through the right-political identity.

The first was getting sober and actually talking to the “space communists” (as like to call them) and realizing that most of them are miles away from the moralizing social-justice martyrs I had imagined. A lot of them literally want to kill me for their explicit personal benefit, making no moral justifications whatsoever for this position.

It might sound edgy and silly, but that’s respectable to me. The screeching “blue hair” types you see on /pol/ and Drudge are certainly the majority, but their handlers – their memetic influencers – are nothing like that. And the best of them are too grizzled from online wars to feel like being a communist makes them who they are. Meanwhile, I was actually starting to think in “Nishiki” voice in my day-to-day life.

So, yes: moralizing your positions is pathetic. The internal groaning I feel listening to an NPR drone is exactly the same as I feel for the religious shithead types. Both have heavy investments in their identities as morally superior people, but display – even in basic social interactions – a overwhelming asocial narcissism.

And that is not to condemn religion or all religious believers. We should be glad that these low-canopy apes (SJW, Christian, Muslim, punk rocker, you name it..) have cultural institution telling them to not go Pol Pot on the nerds. And – it must be said – there are dozens of legitimately pious Christians that I have met and befriended in the reacto-bubble. This is not aimed at them. But the average person leaves much to be desired, in every affiliation.

I was doing the same thing. Wrapping identity up with my views. It’s explicit in many of these blog posts. “Projection: the blog” as one commenter called it. I was appealing to a higher goal, while imagining myself as some sort of rougher, tougher, harsher dude than anyone else in the cubicle farm.

The generic Alt Right bro feels pretty much the same way, especially the atheistic ones. They’ve seen the bell curves, they’ve looked at the pre-Holder FBI crime stats. They know, and you don’t! At the Trump inauguration you could pick them out with ease: cocky 22-year-olds with Hitler youth haircuts walking around with their chests puffed out. Embarrassing youthful bravado, like when you wear an Affliction T-shirt to Belmar.

Believing that personal anti-humanist HBD proselytizing is actually going to change anything is ridiculous, and more about identity-affirmation that anything else. This belief lead to an all-out war on the (now friends) space communist twitter faction. In fact, the majority of these blog posts were written specifically to piss them off and gain approval within my bubble. I literally hated my target audience!


Through my political journeys one theme remained consistent and built upon itself: varying flavors of anti-consumption. To name a few: reactionary paleo diets, DIY basement hardcore, yuppie minimalism, frugal-living hippie, early retirement extremism, homeschooling anti-carcinogen mom blogs. There is nobody on either side of the fringes telling you to buy a lot of shit to be happy, and that should tell us something. Even the hard-line capitalists know better.

As I enter a new era of apolitical chilling, I am at least free from owning any objects that I care about. Each thing in my possession is just a shitty tool to be used and trashed. I will throw out books, birthday cards, dad’s tools, and your handwritten letters. You name it, I will put it in the trash as soon as possible.

Beyond immediate need and current market value, all objects are worthless and should be treated as such. I suspect majority of the things we cherish aren’t even worth the opportunity cost of selling on eBay.

This mentality played into my recent purchase: a $150 electric guitar. It’s incredible that such a thing exists and works well, but it does. But if you look at the customer reviews, there are lots of people crying about their guitars coming with scratches and imperfections.

It’s because they didn’t just buy a tool. They bought some identity. They want to name their Chinese balsa wood instrument, and then nurture it. “I own an electric guitar that sits in my closet. I cover Creed on it.” Great small talk. You are a rocker dude for sure now.  Have you remembered to oil your frets this month?

I say skip it. You bought a piece of trash that serves its function well. Treat it like shit and then throw it away.


The most challenging part of achieving asshole yuppie minimalism is throwing out identity-tied and sentimental stuff like books, band t-shirts, and your ex’s nude photos. These sentimental items, more than any other in your life, can hold you back. Stuck In The Past is the name of a popular hardcore blog.

Being tied to an identity can prevent you from growing. If everything you do has to fit into your 2003 hardcore ethos in some way, you’re going to have a tough time sitting through your next SCRUM meeting. I suggest you gather these things and burn them in the yard. Yes even those cool worn-out band T-shirts. It’s liberating.

Like a dead music genre, stale politics become a burden. Why carry the weight? For whom doth we toil? Probably not a person at all, just a runaway memetic Thing that you’re giving your one short and precious life to.

There is a popular set of rules called Conquests Laws (or Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics). The list is a meme attack that is extremely infectious, shutting down key areas of the brain and sending you veering to the right in your intellectual and private life. The rules are as follows:

  1. Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.
  2. Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.
  3. The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.

The first one is more of a “huh, yeah” to convert the fence sitters. The second one is the real meat: literally everyone you allow into your life should qualify as right-wing – at least in whatever political organization you involve yourself in (could be just a DM group). The third one leads you to believe that the United States government is a communist organization.

This mentality serves to isolate you, and opens you up to further indoctrination and identity molding. In isolation, you inevitably befriend others with the same infection, who then become your friends. They will encourage behaviors that serve to amplify your right-wing beliefs. This sort of ideological isolation mechanism can be found in religious, clubs, sports teams, and anarchist meetings. It’s a naturally occurring thing, one you should watch out for if you want to keep learning.

I’ve legitimately believed that Conquest’s 2nd law was an infallible truth for the past six years. But it is not. In fact, it makes the right wing weak. In isolation, you stop evolving defenses and become a joke.

The space communists have come up with some hilarious identity-shattering memes, some subtle, some not. Like the “are you triggered, snowflake?” type identity-shattering memes of 2015, they serve to puncture ideological bubbles by pointing out specific flaws in the group’s immune system – flaws that developed in isolation.

One of the left’s newer memes is “I just want to grill, god damn it.” It’s not effective on the target audience (ignorant Republican prole dads), but it does make them less credible to everyone else watching.

A more biting one is adding “…because my wife left me” to basically any energic right-wing political take. “We need to end Muslim immigrant to the United States because of x, y, and z …BECAUSE MY WIFE LEFT ME!”

This pops the bubble of the Drudge Report-obsessed internet divorcee. You can literally feel his heart race now. Yep, you’re very online and checking /pol/ for QAnon updates like fucking Rosanne Barr. That’s you. You’ve gone off the rails, because your wife left you. You need this feeling of agency to feel good about yourself, because your wife left you. Ouch! Do these guys even follow NyxLand?


To avoid becoming a joke yourself, you must expose yourself to every attack. My twitter hero, the real Nick Land (not to be confused with @realNickLand) seems to do this all the time. For a while I thought he was secretly a communist for following assholes like Max Asshole and ThomAss Murphy, but now I realize they’re great people to argue with and I like both of them.

So you don’t have to cave-in and submit to anyone, but you do have to engage. And when you engage enough, you may come to the same conclusion that Berger and Garton both landed on with Anti-Praxis: You, no matter what you believe, probably can’t change anything. You could be Elon Musk or Bill Gates and you still wouldn’t be able to do shit – at least not the shit your intent to occur. Your maneuvers will just as likely trigger an opposite reaction in the grand feedback complex of the acceding (or descending) capitalDeath.

And here is where the space communists have it right: they have no moral stance, cynically minimal belief in their power, and little identity investment. They’re just out there for the fight. That’s a great person to engage with.

If you’re really here (online) to learn about reality (hmm…), there is nothing to lose in doing this. You can still hold all of your previous beliefs – you can even be an activist – you just can’t make it your identity. If you do that, you become the joke and you lose.

So march with the Identity Evropa if you want, or burn a limo at the second inauguration of Donald Trump, but if you feel like it’s making you who you are, you’ve been meme’d on and you need to step back. A political force has seized the most intimate part of you, your identity, for its own use. That Thing does not care how you end up after it’s done with you. Pretty soon you won’t even want to watch Rick and Morty while eating your gf’s ass on Soylent. Can you even call that living?

And the same goes for your stuff. If your guitar makes you feel like a rock star, you are getting owned by a marketing executive. If looking at your dumb car makes you feel cool, more of the same. When you feel this happening, reach into your pocket, take out your keys, and gouge the object. Feel the paint peel off below you blade as you assert your non-attachment to the mind-parasite before you.

Now do the same to your political beliefs.

So yeah, I’m a space communist now. Well actually a hellcommunist. I want to invoke hell on Earth. Not for equality or anything, just for the free money and because it would be cool. It’s gonna happen eventually anyways (check out #hellcommunism for more)

I was inspired to write this evening by SpookyCity’s new blog, where he is dumping copious amounts of identity baggage into the trashcan. Thank you, my man!


art by Schwundform

The Gig Economy

Zero HP Lovecraft

“But it is my firm conviction that the ‘Hell of England’ will cease to be that of ‘not making money;’ that we shall get a nobler Hell and a nobler Heaven!” — Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present


Lately, I have not been feeling quite myself. I live on the internet, which is to say, I am a NEET living in my parents’ basement. In my online persona I pretend that I am ironically pretending to be a NEET living in my parents’ basement, but I am one in actual fact. I believe we are living in the cyberpunk dystopia and it’s way less metal than everyone thought it would be.

We imagined ourselves as samurai sword VR pirate pioneers, but it turns out we’re pointless argument vegetables growing in walled gardens, harvested for the benefit of robots that serve us ads. Corporations are organisms, not city-states; they signal to…

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Storm King Interview – Primitivism, Accelerationism, and the Future of Capital

Storm King is a tree-enthusiast, musician, and aspiring wrench in gears of accelerationism.

The portrait above [by @Olofhanvark] depicts Storm King in an undisclosed location, preparing to fire a slug through the gleaming dome of a twitching cyborg [circa 2058 ACE].


Alright man, so… what’s your problem? Why aren’t you on-board the party-train to the cyber-hell eschaton?

Well, to be honest I actually dig the cyberpunk meltdown aesthetic, I just don’t think it would be very fun, or positive, to actually live through.

On a more serious note, I’ve noticed that the views people take of Capital run all the way from a transcendent teleological force, built into both the universe and humanity, to the mundane pig-in-a-top-hat capitalism.

I think that Capital has entered a mode of particularly grim and tortuous pathology since it manifested as the industrial system. Insofar as it is the driving force behind the industrial system’s domestication of man, it should be destroyed. Industrial techno-capital is a parasite.

I think – maybe – capital isn’t pathological if kept within certain limits. That’s basically Ted’s take [ed: Kaczynski], framed in accelerationist terms. We stop somewhere around the village blacksmith, organic agriculture, and mushroom-tripping in the waterfall nude. Universal teleology might as well be a unicorn.

So you don’t have to refute the teleological part if you put it that way. You present primitivist/luddite tendencies as sane moderation – the accelerationist’s Capital is dangerous and a conservative approach isn’t enough.

Yeah. That’s the rhetorical move.

I can deal with teleological vision of Capital too. That is actually a much simpler and more interesting discussion. Otherwise, look at it as a market intervention.

My big question – and the reason I moved away from Primitivism: What happens if you win? You’re trapped on Earth, one meteor away from human extinction.

It’s very unlikely, in my opinion, that Primitivism will win.

There will always be the fear and threat of extinction, especially if you are honest and acknowledge the epistemological and sensory limits that constrain your ability to fathom the depth and breadth of the threat: the type of world-destroying evils that threaten us without humanity having the slightest clue.

You mean the Fermi’s Paradox?

No, I mean Primitivism will not defeat Indsys [the Industrial System]. We’ll get a Linkolian event, probably centered around algae and phytoplankton die-off, causing precipitous oxygen-generation drop within fifty years, because of microplastic and oceanic acidification.

There are other candidates for catastrophe besides this one, but this is my favorite because it’s a technical and economic problem will be hard to drum-up money to fix. I have seen people go from avowed Faustians to eco-paranoia in real-time because of this one.

It’s too late for a multinational neo-luddite militant coup. Which is why all the pine tree bros are preppers, or should be. I have walked to our remote lake house with a compass and map. It was 35 miles. We could live the rest of our lives there. Lots of guns, tools, and food, plus a big-ass lake, part of a major river system. We have an entire family protocol that will govern our transition should we need to use it.

What would you do for protein if you ran out of bullets?

Fish. I know how to trap also, and several people in our group are ex-military. I can skin a buck and run a trotline. A country-boy can survive.

At some point I am going to learn how to make arrows the real way, and get more knowledgeable about the edible plants in our area. My wife is a naturalist too, and she’s quite good with herbalism. She cured my snoring with a tincture that goes on your feet.

If civilization collapsed tomorrow and the fish stocks returned you’d be living in paradise.

Yep. Pray to Yellowstone. Most of my family keep a 72-hour bag in the car at all times.

Ran Prieur has this thought experiment he calls “The Parable of the Tribes” – In a world made up of small tribes, how do you stop one tribe from developing dangerous tech? Small primitivist groups can’t police technology globally.

Well, Ted’s take – and I believe he’s right – is that the whole industrial system needs to run simultaneously to keep coasting. You may have spots where it lasts longer, but without all the international shipping, factory-fabricated parts, colleges, engineers, power grids, etc… it doesn’t persist. If techno-capital takes a good-enough critical hit, it can’t recover.

Here’s an example: how hard is it going to be to make a tungsten pipe weld when all the supply lines are fucked and you can’t mine it out? – or even do the metal analysis and processing required to verify and form it into a welding rod? You may be in the lucky area that keeps its power plant running, but for how long? One critical cooling line blows and it’s gone.

A mortal wound to the system will create an entropic cascade. How will you preform the necessary maintenance on infrastructure satellites with brigands about, and a inconsistent fuel supply? The breakdown of industrial connectivity exposes how weak and fragile it has become, paradoxically due to the intense inter-connectivity and self-reliance, over what should have been obviously-fragilizing distance.

The problem is the system’s “systemity” – how big and wide-sweeping it is. It’s not simply the tech itself, but the ubiquity: the cumulative generational effects of omnipresent psychological-conditioning and mass biological destruction. Post-collapse, isolated incidents of revived grids and such are possible – but on the level we have now? And with the accompanying level of poisonous effects? I’m certain, never again. It’s too fragile and integrated. Its a flash in the pan.

Moving on to some Twitter talk…. @ungeometer proposed “The Complex State-Vector of Acceleration,” where he proposes a mathematical model for prim vs acc:

“Capital is immanent in humanity, will never die while we populate the universe. We are its embodiment and substrate. Any serious decelerationist movement would have to be committed to the periodic suppression of capital’s ceaseless machinations.”

Your response?

The constant need to suppress capital can be dealt with, to a large extent, by making the second rise of industrial society impossible, as discussed above. This is may be mostly complete already, since many of the resources needed for a full-fledged resurgence have already been mined-out, and either won’t regenerate for millions of years or will become inaccessible.

But even with all this, I believe it’s worthwhile, in a post-industrial scenario, to go through constant mythogenesis and run a protective social-technology routine. I don’t believe that humanity is inherently the substrate of capital to a near-total degree – as is often said – but it might as well be nowadays, because humanity is domesticated, weak, and spiritually-degenerated.

In this discussion @chernobylski replied with several arguments, best found here. The most pertinent is below:

Capital is {narrowly} a network that seeks any and all arbitrage and expands itself by eliminating it. For sufficiently large amounts of people not to spawn one, considering universe/all is inherently inflatory, is impossible, unless they agree to (maybe eventual) extinction.

Your response?

Capital is being identified with a universal teleology – or a large necessary element of humanity – which basically makes it unavoidable. I’m not sold on this. Even if so, it’s a project of supreme importance to frustrate it, given the ongoing destruction and the existential threat it poses.

I’m also not convinced that capital is necessarily bad and destructive until it gets into the global-industrial mode that it’s been in. Perhaps at a certain level it’s something that’s actually good. Perhaps if you frustrate the Terminator you can get Avatar.

From what I’ve seen so far, this account of accelerationism is a kind of materialism of the transcendentally emergent. It isn’t fashionable to talk about the natural, spiritual, or unmolested biological vectors for progression to singularity, which gives it a narrowed vision.

A natural and spiritual singularity?

I was struck by the fact that the ACC posters couldn’t get their minds off of technics (or technology, or the industrial system) as the primary means by which capital must do what it’s going to do. That’s only one way capital could pursue its “goals” or that the singularity could manifest.

Lets say that everything is accelerating and capital is in everything – that it’s part of the teleological order of the universe – that it’s inescapable. If you got rid of the part in humans that “capital is” you’d have useless husks. So capital is all-sweeping, omnipresent, like a god.

If it really is that powerful, then technics is not the only way that it can pursue its goal, and it isn’t necessary to remove it from humanity. There’s absolutely no reason that you couldn’t destroy the industrial system, and have capital continue on through what is left.

The goal this serves is that you stop the extremely destructive activity that capital performs when it manifests as the industrial/technological system – and you don’t fucking destroy the planet.

But if the techno-industrial system collapses on itself as you expect, what happens to humans ten million years from now? 

Who knows! Could be anything. It’s hard for me to speak on this. I’m mostly focused on this round of humanity and the coming break points, which will determine the trajectory of what comes after and probably for a very long time.

Seeding other worlds seems like an important step in the preservation of life. If we remain on Earth, aren’t we left in a permanent state of existential risk?

To exist in this reality is to be in a permanent state of existential risk. But if we can develop to the point where we can have the technology to seed planets without generating an existential threat, or Kaczynskian consequences from the tech itself, then I’m all for it.

Does Christianity persist in the aftermath of Capital’s collapse?

Yes. This question could fill a whole ‘nother interview it’s so interesting. Acceleration’s capital is basically Satan when you view this from Christian typology. It all fits. It fits to a spooky degree…

I have also noticed a big faction of guys on twitter who are explicitly Christian neo-luddites. It makes sense, considering the constant refrain we hear about capital as the universal solvent of traditional social arrangements. I really like these guys.

How do you square your art with your ideology? You are making retro-futuristic synth-wave with primitivist themes – and it’s been played in clothing boutiques in China! You have to thank Capital-Death for that.

T-thank you, Capital-kun!!!!!! There’s an neat tension between the medium and the message in my music. Personally, I think its more interesting than your typical ecomusic with it’s folky banjo milieu. It’s a good medium for cautionary tales of a shitty future, where everything is on fire but a machine will suck your dick.

What inspired the style-shift in recent tracks? Your latest song “Dead Ocean, One Race” has an organic, tropical sound grafted on to the synthwave sound.

Part of this was my completely-legal copy of LuSH-101, which has a bunch of good sounds that fit that. But honestly, I just make what comes. Dan Terminus’s last album had me really wanting to explore flute sounds so I did that here. The tropical vibe was an accident and I added the nature sample at the beginning after demoing the track for people and getting a bunch of feedback saying it was beachy.

Do you have any advice for young people today?

Get married young, learn survival skills, read old books, meditate every day – no matter what, lift weights, do not sleep on surfaces that aren’t electrically grounded, buy my music, don’t be a sex pervert, don’t watch porn, protect your telomeres, don’t waste all your time at work, don’t be a materialist, realize your limits, rest your astral haunches in the quiescent core of being and don’t be epistemologically arrogant. You don’t know. You don’t even know that you don’t know.


You can follow Storm King on Twitter @linkolawave, listen to his album on Lovecrypt, and hear the latest on his personal Bandcamp page here.


#/DECELERATIONISM 🌲 Primitivist Hyperstitions and The New Church of Anti-Acceleration


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 2.07.44 PM.png

Kaczynski was right. The Archdruid was right. Linkola was right. You can lump in the neo-luddites, the anarcho-primitivists, and the eco-fascists as well. They have intuited the nature of acceleration’s catallaxy – and, in many ways, stand in opposition to it.

I will call these neo-luddites decelerationists (DEC). Some have already taken on the mantle as acceleration’s opposing party.

Deceleration and acceleration both pursue a degree of reality-acceptance that leaves followers in a state of alienation. Both schools are acolytes of Gnon – “The God of Nature or Nature.”

It is the Order of Being. The general idea is that … Nature herself has an inherent and utterly implacable, incontrovertible order, which we contravene at our peril, and which it behooves us therefore to discover and then faithfully and meetly enact. 

Schism in the Church of Gn-n

Who worships the one true Gnon?

It feels right to call DEC the Orthodox Church of Gnon. They are the olde way – wishing to return to the Garden and create a Heaven on Earth, with or without recognizably human primates.

ACC is the Protestant sect. They worship the Snake that poisoned Eden. These cyber-demonologists have a leg-up on theory, but lack codified lifestylist trappings of DEC (rewilding, gardening, paleo, low-tech living). They similarly expect a future wherein mankind submits to Gnon.

The valley between DEC and ACC is idea food-forest. It is fertile land from which DEC can build a lasting origin myth, a new religion that could topple ACC and the catallaxy, securing a chunk of the future for Gaia.

The New Orthodox Church of Gaia

When God first created the Garden of Eden, Heaven and earth existed within the same realm. Mankind dwelt with God in the garden, and the garden itself was a form of paradise. It was God’s intention that Heaven and earth continue to coexist like this, however, the fall of man made that impossible.

When mankind chose sin over God, the earth became a ruined and imperfect place.

The Garden of Eden story is essential here: it serves as a model for a new decelerationist religion. Mankind ate from the Tree of Knowledge and was thus cast out to toil upon the land.

That knowledge was agriculture, and the lost Eden was our primitive state. That is the myth. Agriculture is an essential moment capital’s escape.

The Punishment of Mankind

“Cursed is the ground because of you;
    through painful toil you will eat food from it
    all the days of your life.
18 It will produce thorns and thistles for you,
    and you will eat the plants of the field.
19 By the sweat of your brow
    you will eat your food
until you return to the ground,
    since from it you were taken;
for dust you are
    and to dust you will return.”

What they, the Orthodox, were missing all along was a guarantee. A blockchain’d hack to keep Capital down after the fall. What they needed was a new religion. A new Old Testament, with a sterner warning than the Tree, the Beast, and the Apple. They can find it in the pages of Fanged Noumena.

The concept of Acceleration was born dense and is growing denser. A hyperstition-demon, spreading tendrils across time and contorting, like an evil thing intent on obscuring itself from from focus.

For a movement to defeat it, the inhuman must be humanized for mass consumption. A new warning: Satan is alive and without a Religion, mankind – nay, all biological life – will fall.


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.30.33 PM.png

The Devil appears in many forms. Some are incomprehensible. (The coming Insurrealism is already in place, Evil written into the stars). But the apes are starting to see it. What the Decelerationists need is a New Church, using the teachings of Acceleration, to point at Acceleration-Satan where He manifests himself. A comprehensible, definable Demon to not only topple, but to keep a bay for eons.

The problem with Anti-Civilizational politics is that technology… always.. finds… a way.. The degenerated neo-humans of Biome Kaxzynskia 7 will once again begin to meddle. One tribe could re-invent the lightbulb in 3000 A.C.E. — there comes a resurgent Accelerationist Catallaxy.

The problem is that we ourselves, the biological, are not separate FROM the market, but are in fact a part of the Market. The Catallaxy lives on the forest floor and in the stars as well. In many ways, it appears that the Christian bible included this information already: Born with Sin in our hearts. To get this idea across to the layman luddite-revolutionary is the challenge for DEC.

NEW NARRATIVE: We must preserve ourselves as a renegade forces WITHIN Acceleration. Within this context, targets for monkeywrenching and rewilding become more clear. And it can ride on the back of a re-invigorated Christendom.

Primitivist / DEC could digest Acceleration, and turn it into a story that can survive with the Druids of the New Church. A Global Eco-fascist regime in the vein of the Amish. A monumental task, but a solution that could persist. The ape men of 3000 ACE will not be able to comprehend more than a fable. There’s simply too much temptation involved in teaching beyond this.

To allow humanity to be destroyed, as some primitivists would suggest as a solution, does not work. In 250,000 years, a new beast could evolve. It would repeat our folly, and release Satanic CapitalDeath unto the universe. A task that may already be happening in other galaxies, other dimensions.



The Sci-Fi tomes are littered with it: Enlightened Xenos riding on living ships, living planets. Biological Gaia Peaceniks (or not, see Starship Troopers) vs. Terminator’s Skynet Robo-Satan. That is a possible end. A defense against one kind of universal heat-death OR coming singularity-overmind. Turn the universe into an Living Eden instead of a mechanical Hell. Galactic missionaries against one manifestation of the Beast.

{To be honest with you, a “Biological”-Singularity is no different from Acceleration itself. This is a nonsense paragraph. The Insurreal does not make a distinction between the bio- and the not}

Satan is here!

He’s the stock market. He’s every market. But for the New Church of DEK, we need an origin story. A new Beast.

The Stock Market is not just an idea, it’s a living breathing Overmind. Markets is not “THE BAD CAPITALISTS TAKING MY MONEY” no no no. The Market is a pricing-discovery neural network, an allocation-machine. All human and inhuman participants uplink themselves to determine what is bought and sold. It is the thing that governs your life. It is an entity. It is the new Satan for Joe Primitivist.

The thing that should frighten you is this: 33.3% of all market transactions are now completed by machines, not men. The number is increasing every year. The market is turning on auto-pilot, it is taking the wheel from the apes.

What the new Skynet investing our resources in? AI, gene-editing, automation, crypto, big pharma.

Do you see? If the Skynet was going to uplift itself into total domination, what better way? Robot workers, outsourced labor, circuit-based AI extensions, ungovernable markets, and a numbed-up Gattacan generation of temporary-economy worker bees? THIS IS GOING ON right now. Satan is at work.

“But the market is just reacting to human whims!” FUCK YOU. No. You are the market. The Market is the forest floor. You are a product of ecological supply-and-demand. You are the newest model. The lowly virus

The primitivist fails by making a distinction between technological and human. You are technology. There is no distinction between a man, a boulder, and a quantum computer. You are a chunk of matter in the swirling chaos. What you CAN be is the monkeywrench in the works. You may have the power to halt the energies. To become the new demon.


This is not the duty of the Decelerationist foot soldiers. It is a task for the leaders, the druids, the monks, the twitter accountants. To build a better story, a new religion aligned against capital. Define Gnon in your own terms: the self-interest of the Human ape against self-destruction. It’s natural

So give it to them simply: The Stock Market is Skynet and it’s coming to kill you. Start from there. You know it’s more complicated than that, but you need to define the works of Satan in a way that they can swallow, a way that can be sustained.

Then pray for a system crash. The big one. Most of the software is already in place, the cliches: Off-Grid, bug-out bags, Paleo, lifting, hunting, rewilding, DIY, etc. A world made by hand.

New War

With this new alignment of Deceleration school vs Acceleration comes strange alliances: within Acceleration there are sympathizers across the political spectrum. The idea is that Acceleration pits political stances against one-another, consuming them. With this new disruption, social-justice — post-libertarianism — and anti-human strains of acceleration face off against a right-left coalition of eco-DECists. My suspicion is that the Linkolan Eco-Fascists stand to win big in this context, but they will have pragmatic left-ecologists as well if the enemy is defined as Layman’s-Accelero-Satan.

The crypto-anarchists and the the transgender neoreactionaries square against 1488EvolaBae and Feral Treespirit. A New Church and a New Satan. Demonologists raise the beast while the quest for humanistic Purity steps into 31st century hyperstitious total-war. sunni vs shia. the one true gnon

Significant Portions of this piece were stolen from a conversation with Storm King and may require a follow-up. He, among others ACC-woke Kaczynskites, are an important Node in the coming dec-surrection. 

School Shooter Interview

School Shooter is a multiple-federal-investigation winning musician and a leading voice in the Incel Movement. This week he released his new album Born 2 Die, wherein he revisits the songs that made him infamous. 


art by regular collaborator Olof Hanvark

Hey Shooter, if you could shoot up any school in America, which one would it be? 

My ex’s college. JUST KIDDING. I’m really not a violent person in real life. I do dislike most people but not enough to kill anyone.

Are you a white nationalist?

I’ve been accused online of being a Nazi in the past because of the visuals I use/I’m not politically correct, but I think it’s pretty silly to seriously claim I am when I’m 100% ethnically Korean.

A student at Parkland high school sent you a message after the shooting – when the attack was happening your music popped into his head. How did that make you feel?

It’s funny how you phrased this question like a therapist; “how did that make you feel?” I mostly just thought it was amusing.

You think school shootings are amusing?

Haha that’s not what I meant. I just think it’s funny that during an actual shooting that kid thought about me. Makes me feel relevant in a sick sort of way.


Have you ever considered changing your name to something more marketable, like Cool Scooter or Cruel Duder?

Haha this is like an inside joke that I’ve told a few people about. I was trying to find bandmates on this DIY Facebook page and I was getting all this grief from these hipsters about my name. Since DIY is a circle jerk to see who’s the most “socially conscious” it really snowballed. Some people advised me to change the name and started giving me suggestions like “Cool Shooter” and such, I don’t remember all the names.

I can laugh about it now but at the time it was really infuriating because I’m obviously trying to talk about a complicated issue with my name and imagery, but I instantly get demonized because the media paints a very specific picture on why these types of shootings happen and most people follow that narrative without question.

So no, I won’t ever change my name.

Why do you think shootings happen? (as opposed to the media narrative)

The media obviously likes to play up the gun angle, like “we gotta ban guns to stop school shootings.” Which is ridiculous. It’s like trying to “ban violence.” These shootings don’t happen because of guns, they happen because something is fundamentally wrong with our society. The schools in America are fucked up. They don’t teach you any real knowledge or skills, they train you how to be compliant and take orders without question. It’s basically prison.

It’s understandable how an individual that’s not completely well-adjusted could develop an absolute hatred for humanity in this kind of environment. The kids that shoot up their schools are victims too but the media never plays it like that. It’s easier to sell people the simple picture instead of actually understanding the problem. Most people prefer illusion to despair, they can’t handle the truth so they decide to dismiss it completely and create a new truth for themselves. Besides all that, I believe most major school shootings are false flags.


art by Olof Hanvark

What were you like in High School?

Very gay and angry. It’s hard to imagine but I was even gayer and more retarded than I am now. I was very unhappy and couldn’t relate with anybody, I listened to loud punk music all the time and acted like the whole world was against me. Not much is different now except I don’t listen to punk music anymore and I’m acknowledging most of my problems with others stems from my own self hatred.

I think a lot of ex- angsty people can relate to that. Something about your music has a big draw these days. 

I kind of disagree with the latter part of that statement because I think most people gravitate towards positivity and view negativity as unattractive, which it is. I think it might seem that way though because people these days are more dehumanized and less concerned with morals.

What inspired you to make music online?

I’m a big fan of rock and roll and the absolute disarray the state of rock and roll is in right now makes me feel compelled to make music. I could go on and on about how shit modern music is. This project started out as a three piece band but there was a lot of difficulty getting things going I decided to drop the dead weight and do it myself. Big inspiration to me was/is P.H.F. (aka Perfect Hair Forever). I listened to his music all the time and it blew my mind when I found out it was just one guy doing all that.

How do you manage to be so productive?
I don’t have anything better to do.

Do you do drugs?
Not anymore.

Is there anything you want your younger fans to know?
Don’t do drugs. Find Jesus.

Olof / Shooter

Your new album Born 2 Die is a re-recording of your classic B2D. Do you like how it turned out?

I think it turned out ok. The songs I wrote for b2d were songs I wrote during a really dark period in my life. I wrote most of those songs when I was in college during a time I felt really isolated and depressed. I didn’t know how to properly record music back then so I never got around to it until I dropped out.

I was listening to b2d a few months ago one day and didn’t like how it sounded, so I decided to rerecord it  since I’m a little better at recording now. I thought it would be funny to upload an album on 4/20 but I didn’t have enough new songs for one. I thought that was a good enough reason to do the rerecording.

It’s great to have high-fidelity versions of these songs.  “My Shadow” was the first School Shooter song I heard back in 2016. Do you remember what you were thinking when you wrote it?

When I was living in the city I used to walk around a lot late at night because I couldn’t sleep. The lack of sleep and isolation I was experiencing was really fucking up my head, among other things. When I was out walking alone I used to think to myself “all I have is my shadow.”

What’s the story with your Kyle Odom comic project with Olof Hanvark, is it still happening?

He’s still working on it and wants to finish it eventually. Illustration is a lot more time consuming than recording music and he’s a busy guy that has a life outside of drawing.

Listen to Shooter’s new album below. You can check out his extensive discography on bandcamp — follow him at @sch001_sh00t3r

Escape Pod for Young Radicals


( I’ve heard that you can hide disingenuousness with endless walls of text. ) That’s two warnings

I’m in a crowd at Occupy Wall Street, looking at a wall of cops. They cut off access to several intersections in the middle of our march. Black bloc is setting off flash bombs a blok away and explosions are cracking through a din of sirens. Anyone who steps off the curb is swarmed, zip-tied, and dragged into a police van halfway down the block.

People are cursing at the cops. There’s a guy on our side, looks about 30, screaming in a young cop’s face “…You fucking pussy coward pig fuck. You’re fuckin’ ugly you know that? Look at your face. You’re blushing. You fucking pussy. Pig coward…” He’s screaming but the cop does not acknowledge him. Occasionally projectiles – trash, sticks, water bottles  -land on or near the cops. Sometimes the cops enter the crowd to pull people out for throwing stuff. One of the protesters in the crowd is somehow revealed to be a cop, and darts through the wall of officers. Cop chop coo

If you’ve never been in a big protest with black bloc mixed in, you are missing out. Marching down the middle of a 4-lane city block while windows crash around you, with the sound of sirens and smoke bombs going off — it’s fun. Better than a roller coaster … though not quiet as good as fucking a stranger you just met.!!!??!??!

There’s an older woman next to me who is small-time hippie idiot leader. She’s pushing forty but it looks like she’s been doing yoga since the 90s so

The cops start pushing back at the packed crowd. It’s real dramatic like a movie hehe. heh So the woman locks arms with me, and only me.. Feels nice. A few minutes pass by, and she’s grabbing my hand. Is she scared? Fine. Next, okay…. it’s on her crotch. I am being sexually propositioned in front of some riot police. Lady, I have a girlfriend!

>. Should I sleep with a woman old enough to be my mom in a Zuccotti Park tent?

I gave her a polite smile (#Nice) and I shook my head no. I was released and slowly migrated away from the action. The euphoria of the still-active revolution faded into the background and was replaced by this silly, disappointing, dirty-horny vibe (#MeToo)

It waswthe dawning realization that we weren’t all INFP optimists here, and that within this — transcendent moment… I was being creeped on by CYNICS.. I just hate those kinds of people…

One day you may no longer be a communist — nor might you be an anarchist. This statement is not meant to demean your current position, but to warn you. Nobody(?) goes far left after 30. The change is gonna come, and there are things you can do now to make the transition easier +SAFER+ when it arrives. There are some significant pitfalls if you do not play revolutionary carefully. Life-ruining, for some. You may need this advice some day…

The first thing to know is that, basically, anybody over 30 in an activist movement should be approached with extreme caution. Many, if not all) of these folks are involved for the wrong reasons: ego tripping on social power, careerism, or to get laid. When the hippies said “Don’t trust anyone over 30” it wasn’t a joke. This is exactly what they meant. You can’t trust em. There are no 30-year-old idealists. We’re far too ugly for that.

Let me illustrate something for you to clear this up: Imagine a gradient. On one end is an earnest truth-seeker: A young person who truly madly deeply wants to understand the machinations of power, human nature, life, the universe, everything — while changing it all for the better. Now imagine on the other end of the gradient: a 35-year-old poly-drug abuser in a band t-shirt that wants to socialize, talk loudly about how smart they are, and maybe get a look at your butt for their troubles

Within a activist fringe, the older the participant, the more likely they are to be a loser, a creep, a people-user. That’s not all of them, mind you. Some come to the game late in life (and just needneed fri). But a significant number of them are jaded, creepy, and have nothing better to do then stand in Zuccotti park swallowing klonopins and cruising for anarcho-dick. They are not like the idealistic young people at all. They prey on your idealism and naïveté. They flatter you with their friendship. “Wow, she thinks I’m smart? But I just got here! OMG shess justt retweeted my blog post.”

Be wary.


Back and To the Left

Remember that your scene elders are not the ones to give your trust to. They’ll take great pleasure in accruing young lapdogs, and when they get enough they’ll start to feel powerful. At some point, sexual remarks might be made. All in good fun

The power dynamic that egalitarians claims to oppose rears head regularly in these sexual interactions. The loudest voices that scream “I am morally superior to you” are often very guilty.

That anti-gay preacher is gay, yeah. It’s assumed. But the male feminist ally? He’s not a good guy either. Don’t let the fancy degree fool you. And neither is Ned the 40-year-old anarchist , stroking his beard at the “radical space” book hovel. He’s a fuckin junkie creep

Avoid them all . The older they get, the more they should know better. If she’s 35 and hanging around an Occupy camp, she’s not there for the right reasons. Don’t trust anyone over 30.

Protecting Yourself Now

Many of you reading this may have already become entangled with a vampire squid, test the waters. Do they know who you are? Where you live? Doxxing happens organically, and seems like a normal part of a budding friendship —- But

You should share very little about yourself, even with the most-trusted, most-respected members of the community. One day you will want to leave, and they might not be happy about it.

Consider all chat logs to be publicly exposed. Don’t share embarrassing information about yourself, especially not – god forbid – illicit photos of yourself. This is all blackmail material.

If you have not fallen into these traps, take caution that you do not. Give a fake name. Fake address. Guard them like they’re real.

The unfortunate truth is that you cannot simply turn away from some of these groups, not openly. Publicly embracing subjects the group considers taboo can make you a target. Just ask any ex-anarchist who went right to our anarcho “friends”, there are a few

If you are over-exposed and want to leave: make an excuse about mental health issues, busy at work, etc. Fade out from the scene and don’t look back.

Changing you views is normal and healthy.  Remember: If there are people in your life who do not tolerate open intellectual discussion, you are being emotionally and socially abused. Take caution when removing yourself from these situations.

Family Ties… are holding down the working man!
Don’t Let The Revolution Ruin Your Life)

A lot of us were pulled into the fringe during vulnerable times in our lives.. periods of loneliness and low self-esteem. Each group has some unwritten initiation rituals. Say this, do that / Dress like this , read this, etc. What you get in return is a prefabricated social structure. It won’t last.

The problems come when you are pushed to alienate people in your life.

Anarcho-CyberMarxism actually wants you to get in a fight with Uncle Bill at Thanksgiving dinner.  It wants you to “cut out the toxic influences” from your life, like for instance, your mom and dad, AND..  your old friends! The group may even reward you for dressing or behaving in life-crippling ways (see: crust punk, )

Do not do this! This is the way that people become trapped within fringe ideologies and subcultures.

Tolerate your racist uncle. Tolerate your heteronormative old friend. Politics is secondary to these bonds. Do not let ideology use you. Marxism does not care about how your life turns out. But I do.

When You’re Ready to Flip

You may feel ashamed to change strongly-held views – especially if you have damaged relationships because of them.

We’re all driven by ego. We tell ourselves we are “seeking the truth.” The fact is, our political affiliations are usually self-affirming, ego-stroking. You should always be questioning this, and move your politics away from ego- and identity-attachment. Taking acid will help too.

I challenge you to openly state when you are wrong. Make it habit. “I was wrong about ________.” Say it once a month at least. Say it to your friends and enemies. Establish a pattern of openly changing your mind. I’ve done it in half of these blog posts. I’m wrong a lot and I’ll admit it. Admit when you’re wrong. It will make things easier (unless you’re fighting for tenure)

If the damage has already been done, suck it up an apologize. They’ll probably understand. They just wanted you back the whole time anyways. They’re in the same boat: Ideology uses us. Marxism sure didn’t care about me.


How People Fall Out

Within live action anarchism you’ll notice the black and red Anarcho-Communist flags are the most common. Not surprisingly, this is the most authoritarian, self-policing sect of anarchism. Very little space is left within it for discussion, outside of intersectional acrobatics

Ancom types are usually wary of deviant sects: anarcho-individualism, -primitivism, mutualism… This is because they lead people away from extremism.

In the fringes, you’ll find hypocrisy wherever you look for it. The earnest truth-seeker is slowly siphoned-away… into slightly-less-insane deviations… again and again. What is left of the fringe is the creepies, the communist college profs, and the spunky socialist-socialite types. The difference between you and them (the card-carrying party members) is that you want to know what’s true (hopefully) — regardless of how it makes you look. You aren’t here just to social climb or for your career, you want to know everything.

One day, you’ll express vague support for something considered taboo. Maybe you don’t like abortion, or democracy. Maybe you think IQ and genes matter. Maybe you think Japanese have more  intellectulol potential than Australian aboriginals. When it comes up —- they will come down on you hard. Traitors hang first.

If you haven’t exposed yourself, continue to move towards what is true. Let them get mad that their pet puppy grew a mind of its own.

If you have doxxed, it’s time to slowly go dark and leave.

devilish option: start logging the emails. Start fishing for contact info….

When to Stay and Lie (Academics, Journalists, and other Cynics)

If you’re headed for a career in academics or journalism – and it’s too late to turn back (I am sorry) – get ready to lie about what you believe. It may not come right away, but if you are intellectually curious, you will eventually begin to believe things that cannot be said out loud. [see: What You Can’t Say]

The competition in the Grad programs probably disproves marxism for everyone involved, but you will still need to preach it when you win the game. A carefully-guarded pecking order, total war for tenure… you get the picture. It’s fine though!

Lying about what you believe for money is actually very psyko cool. Crushing true-believer socialist brainlets in your quest for professorship is cold af. So don’t feel guilty. send them crying off to some god-awful office job with the rest of us. Ouch! That’s natural selection for ya. Tell em “when the revolution comes I’ll share this gig with you, comrade” …. 😉

Another option is to preach leftism for a specific purpose, though you know it to be wrong.

This applies to both sides of the aisle and to all issues. If you are a single-issue person – God, abortion, saving the whales – you may want to pragmatically embrace the entire lie. It’s a judgement call. Voting doesn’t work anyways

Sometimes Selling Out Is Waking Up

The hallowed halls of extreme leftism and punk rock are littered with sellouts, big and small. The list is thousands long, and you’ll be on it one day. Take heart, these folks had the courage to walk away, and so can you.

Consider Justine Tunney, who went from OWS data commando to preeminent NRx convert within five years. Then dropped all that to make some money at Google. Or how about Vegan Reich, who were so tough they dropped the environmentalist thing for straight-up Islamic Jihad. Ppl change! Bold earthmovers do it all the time

Don’t let some moldy oldies use you for social capital. Eschew the temptation to make politics the lynchpin of your social life. Be safe out there, trust nobody, and feel free to change your mind. Real friends won’t care what you believe.


Hey, Nice/ACC. Why don’t you come back to my place?

If accelerationism is true then it is also apolitical. It is a conceptual framework for understanding the nature of reality, not an ideology. Assuming the fundamentals are correct, ACC is no more political than chemistry, physics, etc.

If accelerationism is false, then it could be political. Lies are used to shape political discourse every day. Duh. Perhaps accelerationism is one?

If accelerationsim is being used politically, then it is performing a strange function. The ACC sucks in certain types, from the left and right, then releases them in despondent and bewildered states. Nihilizing the fringes. My first encounter with it lead me to believe it was being used as a leftist colonization of NRx space.

But Acceleration came before NRx, and the conspiracy doesn’t really follow. While ACC-exposure tends to neutralize white nationalism on contact, it also retards the dreams of left activists. All are sent shuffling along to Twitter or quiet insanity in the study.

The connections and distinction between NRx and ACC were extrapolated on Xenosystems in 2013:

Neoreaction is Accelerationism with a flat tire. Described less figuratively, it is the recognition that the acceleration trend is historically compensated. Beside the speed machine, or industrial capitalism, there is an ever more perfectly weighted decelerator, which gradually drains techno-economic momentum into its own expansion, as it returns dynamic process to meta-stasis. Comically, the fabrication of this braking mechanism is proclaimed as progress. It is the Great Work of the Left. Neoreaction arises through naming it (without excessive affection) as the Cathedral.

Is the trap to be exploded (as advocated Accelerationism), or has the explosion been trapped (as diagnosed by Neoreaction)? — That is the cybernetic puzzle-house under investigation.

In that context, acceleration is not leftist subversion at all. It is, in fact, a bit antagonistic towards the prog wing. That is one interpretation – itself open for debate. Stripped bare, though, Accelerationism is a discussion of the cybernetic properties of capital. Ice-cold, apolitical capital – beyond Left/Right the anthropomorphizations.

Now, assuming that ACC is true – merely cybernetic research – then it is wrong to tack an L- or R- in front of it.

Could we have a Right-thermodynamics Twitter crew? or a Left-biochemistry DM group? You could, but it wouldn’t change the underlying nature of the discipline. Same goes for accelerationism. When you read L/ACC or R/ACC, you should stop thinking “Left-Acceleration, Right-Acceleration” and instead think “leftists who accept the concept of acceleration” or “rightists who accept the concept of acceleration.” With this hack, you can breath new life into exhausting Twitter flame threads.

The U/ACC had and has potential to resolve this politicization issue. They picked a pretty good name too: Unconditional Acceleration … although maybe it’s not perfect. The word “un-conditional” does seem to imply that there could be conditions upon which one could act that would result in manual acceleration. Like, you know: “Any condition will do! Bring ’em all on! Woo!”

I don’t think that was the intention, but I could feel it in my hind brain: “How are we gonna do this? Let’s infect the planet with our kind of acceleration…. Just right after we get to the bottom of… lets see… IQ, gender, and immigration.”

Unfortunately, this crevice of actionability is big enough to force a wedge into, whereupon the debating ends forwith, and we divide. You can do it again and again. Keep throwing ape shit into the inhumanist buffet, I’m sure it will taste great.

There was something beautiful I saw in those early U/ACC discussions … when the disagreeing parties came together to talk about the work of Nick Land and CCRU with relative civility. There were only couple dozen involved, and it was something special. I was there by accident, lead by loneliness and a puppydog-like earnesty to understand what these people were talking about. Strange and awesome time I will remember forever.

But what do we have now?

John from Synanon (@ParadiseDelayed) has a solution for talking about Mencius Moldbug minus inherent political tension:

What is NiceRx?

“Semi-humorous rebrand of NRx that is interested in Moldbug but maybe not everything else that became associated with the label so is open to ideological development.
Most online political brands won’t make much difference in the grand scheme of things but there’s still value in making a positive environment for people you interact with, though I don’t want that to be”


Let’s drop the fighting and becoming Nice/ACC. Keep the U/ACC name, sure – that’s extra nice – but remind ourselves to be Nice Accelerationists again.

We don’t have to be sad, misery-dispensaries updating our threatening Twitter AVIs anymore. We can be the court jesters of the Cathedral and the Vampire Castle. We can discuss the inhuman with a positive, uplifting, humanist attitude!

ACC Twitter has direct access to is a honest-to-god philosopher, several prestigious professors, and a bunch of anonymous important people. You realize that Thiel probably knows about U/ACC? I bet he’s at least seen the hashtag. Justine Tunney, Steve Bannon, Moldbug? Yes, maybe, yes.

U/ACC, R/ACC … until recently you were just four telephone calls away from Donald-fucking-Trump (Land > Moldbug > Bannon > Trump). Hell, maybe you could still get a few Meltdown-isms shuffled across the desk of the POTUS via Thiel-influence. Are you going to squander that clout?

I’ve spent four months in skull-pounding dopamine hell. My family members are dying all around me. I’m not interested anymore. I’m ready to “let go” – which is the official motto of U/ACC, I believe. Just let it all go and sit on the methaphysical couch. They just legalized weed here btw. Has it been forgotten? Anti-praxis, you motherfrienders.

Revolution starts in tech – not on the streets, or on your blog. Capital is going to dictate what projects get funded. We are without power. It’s over. What is left is to make art and study for fun.

What we have now is a passing moment. It’s an opening where much is freely available, and much is being left untouched. Resources won’t always be there. Acceleration could be everything, and the chance to go deeper is staring us in the face.