Character Developments

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This character has run its course

I no longer agree with much of what was posted here

New writing and music will continue at:

What started as a promotional vehicle for a Lovecrypt release eventually mutated into an online role-play game where I was stuck with a character I did not like. A PDF with disclaimers will materialize at some point.

Theft Credits
Thinking style: stolen from Ran Prieur and
Writing style: stolen from TheLastPsychiatrist and Hipsterrunoff
Concepts: stolen from Xenosystems and

Written for, and dedicated to, a small group of anonymous friends…. to make them laugh or fight among themselves. Thank you for the reprieve from the mind-grinding loneliness of moving cross-country, out of the city and to the suburbs. Things are even worse now, but escape is clearly impossible, so I will meekly submit to the torture.


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